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Google Enhancement

Enhanced Google Pay-Per-Click Placement Campaign


AdWords, Google’s online advertising system, is an auction-based platform where advertisers bid for placement in search results based on an internet user’s query. Each pay-per-click campaign matches potential consumers with Auto-Owners agents based on location and designated insurance-based search queries. STEPS Google-certified advertising professionals create and optimize campaigns designed to target consumers who are in the market for insurance and seeking a local insurance provider. Campaigns are geo-targeted around an agency’s physical or specified location.

STEPS will tailor your campaign to your brand, location, and services provided. Each month you will receive a monthly summary of your Google campaign results.

And it just gets better!


Auto-Owners will co-op 50% of your Google Enhancement Campaign.

Insurance is a highly-competitive search advertising market – but now you don’t have to go at it alone! Auto-Owners has introduced a co-op for Google AdWords. This is exciting for several reasons:


  • Auto-Owners will MATCH whatever money you dedicate to a Google AdWords campaign (up to a $375 match)

  • An agency can provide general information on how to allocate additional AdWords dollars – insurance type, location, etc…

  • …and did we mention…enhancements are co-oped?



If you need help determining a budget that is right for you – based on insurance type, location or other factors, send us an email or call 770-305-0088. 

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